Riding Lessons

TTF Lesson Program

TTF Attitude:

  • At Twin Tree Farm, we offer a friendly and supportive environment for learning and improving your riding skills.

TTF Focus:

  • Our Focus is on establishing a solid understanding of horsemanship and training, with and emphasis on allowing each student to understand the process, not just create an "end look".

TTF Invitation:

  • We are open and accepting to all. Although we specialize in Dressage and Jumping, we are open to all disciplines! We want to help each of our riders achieve their maximum riding potential.

TTF Age Requirements:

  • We require our new riders to have reached their 7th birthday to be enrolled in our Riding School. This is for strength, coordination and safety reasons.

TTF Goal:

  • Even though we enjoy showing and competition we never require anyone to compete unless it is their desire. Our goal is to help each rider achieve their own individual dream.

TTF Offers:

  • Trainers with different perspectives on riding for the beginner* through advanced riders

  • Private, Semi-Private and Group lessons

  • Package Prices which provide a discount when purchasing lessons on a monthly basis

  • See Lesson Rates for details

  • Lessons on our well trained School Horse or your own horse

TTF also extends opportunities:

TTF Working Student Program:

  • Current TTF students and Boarders are qualified (Students must be 16 or over)

  • For students and boarders who want to get more involved and learn more about horse care and horsemanship.

  • Lesson prices are discounted and some credit is applied towards their board and lesson charges.

  • For more information on the TTF WSP Contact Kari Tankersley

A couple of more things...

All students will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability before they ride in their first lesson. Any rider under 18 years of age must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Cancellation policy is listed on the Lesson Rates Schedule under General Information.

If you are interested in any program at Twin Tree Farm, please email us at twintreefarm@aol.com and we will be happy to give you more information.

Click Here For Lesson Rates

Click Here for Waiver of Liability

TTF Welcomes Ship-In Lessons:

  • If you own a horse but do not board at Twin Tree, we are very supportive of "shipping in" for lessons.

TTF Boarder Perks:

  • Boarders receive lesson at discount prices

    • Leasers receive lessons at Boarder discount prices

    • Riders with horses in training get all of their lessons included in the price of their training. BEST DEAL!!!!!