Our Facilities

The TTF Barn offers:

Twenty-Two 12x12 Stalls

  • Sliding door w/ blanket bar

  • Individual Light and Fan

  • Individual Halter Rack

  • Interlocking rubber mats

  • 2 water buckets

  • Hay/feed door w/ hay rack and corner feed bin

  • Each stall is under a skylight to supply additional light during the day

  • The back row of 10 stalls also has individual barred windows with a sliding shutter that can be opened for additional air flow or closed to keep the barn cozy

  • Barn has "Zero Burn" rating. The walls are constructed of Galvanized Steel covering plywood so there is no exposed wood to burn. Therefore, if a fire starts, it is less likely to spread.

Farm Office located in Barn

  • Includes a window into the next-door expandable medical/foaling stall for daytime or nighttime observation

  • Central Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Internet and Wireless Internet throughout barn

  • Central Area for farm/horse record retention

Tack Room

  • Central Heating and Air Conditioning & Ceiling fan

  • Hot/Cold water sink w/cabinets

  • Refrigerator & Microwave

  • 2'x2'x7' TACK LOCKERS w/

    • Adjustable/removable saddle racks

    • 2 bridle racks on the door

    • Removable/adjustable shelves

  • Bathroom with shower

Fly System

  • The automatic fly spray system sprays throughout the barn at 4 hour intervals during the day and again at midnight.

  • Non-toxic chemicals by Shoo-Fly are used in our system.

Hay & Shavings Rooms

  • Both rooms have walls from floor to ceiling and are located in the rear of the barn.

  • Each room has an outside roll-up door for easy refill, but also an aisle door for dispensing.

  • Each room is also equipped with a light for more visibility.

Feed Room

  • Feed bins for safe feed storage

  • Large medicine cabinet with equine first-aid products

  • Shelf space for storage of supplements or SmartPaks!

  • Central Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Extra Large Front Load Washer & Dryer especially for boarders to wash Blankets, Saddle Pads, etc.

Wash Racks:

  • Indoor

      • 2 Wash Racks

    • Hot/Cold water in all

  • Outdoor

    • Cold water only

    • Can be used for washing horse trailers


The farm has 3 rail PVC fencing separating the fields and high tinsel wire/natural borders around the property. The fields are also equipped with electrified rope along the top rail of the PVC fence in order to keep the horses from injuring themselves and/or horses in neighboring pastures.

Riding Accommodations:

Main Arena:

The Main Arena is a 110' x 220' outdoor with lighting. It stays set up with jumps at all times. There is always one line set up as a grid for doing gymnastics. The grid is ever evolving and changing as it is used. There are 8 more jumps throughout the arena for working on course work. The footing is sand on a hard clay base. The arena is good even after hard rains.

Dressage Arena:

The Dressage Arena is a large arena measuring 20 X 60 Meters with markers showing where a Small arena ends for those needing to school a small arena.

The footing is sand on a hard clay base. This arena drains very well so is also very good to use after hard rains.

Hacking Trail:

The Hacking Trail is on the "New Property" which runs the length of the original farm all the way down to Three and Twenty Creek. The trail takes you down to the creek, loops around onto the original property and then brings you back onto the new property and back to the barn. It is a little longer than a half hour at the walk. It is a very pleasant ride to take either as a warm up or a cool down after a good schooling session.